Importance Of Long Term Rehabs

January 24th, 2011

Drug and alcohol rehab is in high demand throughout the country. There are reality TV shows, commercials and billboards all telling us that rehab is available—but when you find yourself in the position of needing to find drug or alcohol rehab for yourself or a loved one, where do you begin? With literally hundreds and thousands of options for treatment nationwide to choose from, which program is best?

The most fundamental thing to understand with substance abuse and dependency is that it is a deep-seated issue that takes time to resolve. No matter the luxury or sales pitch the fancy 30 Day program throws at you.

If someone’s life is so thoroughly disrupted by drugs or alcohol to a point that a treatment program is considered, it’s time for the addict to roll up his or her sleeves and realize that there is some work to be done. It’s not impossible, but it won’t be easy and it might take some time. For this reason, we highly recommend long term drug rehab programs due to the tendency towards a more individualized program approach and better rates of success.

Long term drug and alcohol treatment programs are generally 4-6 months in length, and take the time to find out each client’s unique story. Eliminating any “time crunch” out of the equation allows for the attainment of sobriety to occur as a natural result of taking up each individual facet of the addiction itself. Long term treatment also will generally include a life skills portion of the program, to help the individual bridge back into his life without old habits or destructive patterns.

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Detox for Suboxone and Methadone Addiction

December 16th, 2010

Many people who are looking for a detox, may be offered methadone or suboxone. Detox centers that use methadone or suboxone can be effective but also can be trading one addiction for another. Methadone addiction is one of the worst addictions out there. Methadone addiction is worse than heroin itself. When a person is addicted to methadone, it can take months to properly detox of this type of prescribed drug. The best detox programs withdraw and help alleviate the symptoms severity by tapering a person off of the methadone and also using massage therapy, and other natural methdods to speed up the process. This allows for the body to recover faster.

Suboxone addiction is rather new, only because the use of methadone has failed miserably as the use for detox from opiates. When a person is suffering from Suboxone addiction, they too need to medically detoxed because detoxing cold turkey is dangerous and can be very painful.

When researching different detox facilities remember, you need a good doctore, nurses, and also a health program. If all you needed was good medical care, than a hospital would be effective. The problem is hospital detox centers are horrible and usually make the problem worse. Many progressive detox rehabs not only have top of the line medical doctors but also holistic and natural methods to help build the body back up.

If You Want a Successful Drug Addiction Treatment Choose Long Term Drug Rehab

October 26th, 2010

You can find different short term rehabilitation programs for those who are addicted to drugs. Most of these would only last for a couple of weeks. However, experts agree that this period would not be sufficient if you are aiming for a successful result especially to those who are highly addicted to the illegal substance.

Thankfully, there is another option which is the program. More often than not, these facilities that are managing long term drug rehab programs would require the patient to stay for at least 90 days. After the said period, the patients have the choice whether they want to continue with the program or not. There is no rush with this kind of rehabilitation. What’s important is that the individual would be healed at his own pace.

Some individuals and even their families are hesitant about the long term drug rehab facilities. One of the main reasons is that it is more expensive compared to the typical methods of treating drug addiction. This is somehow true especially if you would opt for a facility that has luxurious amenities. However, you can still find other facilities that have cost-effective prices and even long term drug rehab facilities that are free as well.

Therefore, if you want a program that would really change the life of a drug abuser and help him get his life back, there is no doubt that the long term drug rehab can be your best option.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Going Through Alcohol Detox

October 21st, 2010

Alcohol detox is one of the ways to help the alcohol dependents to stop from this addiction. In this method, they would be taking medicines such as chlordiazepoxide so that they would prevent the most common withdrawal symptoms while getting rid of their alcohol dependence. But why should an alcoholic go through and why is it important to prevent these withdrawal symptoms?

Stopping yourself from drinking alcohol suddenly will cause so many adverse effects since your body is already getting used to the chemicals found in the liquors. There are a couple of withdrawal symptoms that you may experience such as sweating, trembling, feeling nauseous, and feel like throwing up. However, these are just the mild symptoms. There were even some cases where the alcoholic undergoing a detox would experience convulsions. More often than not, mild cases last from three up to eight hours. On the other hand, the convulsions and other severe withdrawal symptoms can even last up to seven days.

But whether the withdrawal symptoms are mild or severe, most of the addicts are craving for alcohol which would makes it difficult for them overcome their addiction even more.

This is why an alcohol detox is very important rather than stopping alcohol without any kind of medical assistance. Seek the help of a professional before detoxifying on your own to prevent these withdrawal symptoms.

A Wilderness Non 12 Step Rehab

August 22nd, 2010

I wanted to share what happened with my brother, because when my family was looking for help, it seemed that we only were able to speak with programs. My older brother, who two years ago, was addicted to heroin. He had been through drug rehab before, and nothing ever worked. We were looking for something different. He had tried typical 12 step programs but he would get out and relapse. Finally we found a great program, it was a non 12 step rehab that offered long term care in a wilderness setting.

The non 12 step drug rehab was so different than anything he had ever done. First it was a long term rehab which was great. He stayed there for 6 months and was taught that addiction is not a disease. Instead of going to meetings all day, he received individualized counseling and spent a lot of time outdoors as well in the wilderness. They used saunas to clean out the body, provided cognitive counseling, and life skills therapy.

The wilderness drug rehab was so helpful for him. He was able to learn there was more in life, than money and cars. He learned to be responsible and accountable but in a healthy setting in nature. He came back in great shape and has been clean now for 2 years. We are so proud of him and happy we found a quality non 12 step rehab program that saved his life.

Long Term Drug Rehabs

August 6th, 2010

When does a person need a long term drug rehab and is there any specific type of treatment program that is necessary? Most of the treatment centers that provide long-term care do sometimes provide payment plans, and sometimes is even covered by insurance. long term drug rehabs that provide more of a holistic based program usually have a higher success rate. We can help you find a long-term treatment center anywhere in the country.

Sometimes an individual doesn’t want help. In this case, a drug and alcohol intervention is necessary. Most drug intervention programs help the addicted individual understand why they need help and what they need to do to get the proper care. Most effective drug rehabs that are long term can help get your loved to agree to help.

If you need a long term treatment, than pick up the phone and call today. Our certified addiction counselors can help find the most effective long-term rehab center today. Our drug and alcohol rehabs provide inpatient treatment, holistic care, and individualized counseling. Remember, don’t settle for a short term or outpatient program, require a program that offers effective solutions like a long-term drug rehab.

Why Long Term Drug Rehab?

July 18th, 2010
We just started this blog at Long-Term Drug Rehab to help people understand the importance of long-term treatment.  Most people who need help only want to go to a detox or outpatient program. Rarely will the go into a residential facility. One of the key things a person must do in order to get someone to accept help is encourage them to find the best help possible.  The best type of program is a long term drug rehab.  A long term rehab that offers a minimum of 3 months worth of rehabilitation provides a higher success rate.  Some long term programs offer 6 months to a year which is something we definitely recommend for people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

When researching programs cost of rehab sometimes come up.  How much is a long term rehab and does insurance cover costs? These are all understandable questions. The first to realize is yes, good insurance generally covers a portion or part of a long term drug rehab but certainly not all.  The reason is insurance have contracts worked out with short termed programs resulting in them only paying for 30 days.

If you think you have problem or know a loved who needs help, recommend a long term treatment center.  If you need help finding one give us a call.  We can help you find an effective long term drug rehab.