Why Long Term Drug Rehab Programs?

Long term drug rehabMore and more people are realizing that 30-day rehab programs aren't usually going to be effective enough and are searching for long term drug rehab centers. Statistically, a longer term treatment program is going to be more successful than one that offered even the same type of treatment over a shorter period of time. While that is more of a generality, it does hold up to be true most of the time. There are also cases though where one program might not be as long than another but still much more successful in terms of overall results because of the methods of rehabilitation used. The program that offers the highest success rate though is a long term drug rehab.

Drug Addiction Treatment CenterWhat is a good length of time for a long-term rehab center? It depends on who you ask. Some resources say anything longer than a month, while others say it should be a year or more. We recommend programs that are in the 3-6 month range and don't have a fixed length of time to allow for individual needs.

Long Term Rehabs Restore Hope to Families

Long term drug rehabFamilies who have sent their loved ones to traditional 30 day programs have usually experienced a sense of frustration or failure. 28 and 30 day short term rehabs do not offer the effective treatment that a long term treatment facility can offer. When a client or patient enters a long term drug rehab, they will receive various forms of treatment. The success rate of a longer termed treatment will also have a higher success rate than a short term program.

What a long term rehabilitation program offers is detox, counseling and life skills. These are all essential in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. First, a person must be properly detoxed and provided a health program to restore the body back to a normal level. Then individualized counseling will help diagnose underlying problems and issues of why the addiction started in the first place. Once these issues are diagnosed, then life skills coaching and cognitive therapy based sessions are used to help a person build a strong foundation and nurture the recovering individual. Self-esteem and confidence will be restored as well.

Addiction is not an incurable disease or some unknowable mystery. There are proven methods of helping individuals overcome addiction completely and move on with their lives.Once a person has completed a long term drug rehab they are considered fully rehabilitated from the ground up and ready to take on life! Contact us today to learn more about long term rehabs that offer 60, 90, 120 day programs and even 6-12 month rehabilitation programs.

Inpatient Drug Rehab vs Outpatient Drug Rehab

The first step in choosing a drug treatment program is to decide is whether the individual requires inpatient drug rehab or outpatient drug rehab. Typically when a person is considering drug rehabilitation, whether voluntarily or court-ordered, they need inpatient rehabilitation. The only individuals who benefit from outpatient treatment are those that are occasional users of non-physically addicting drugs such as marijuana. An individual who is physically addicted to drugs such as heroin, methadone, cocaine, prescription medications, or any other highly addictive drug usually cannot control their addiction without entering an inpatient drug rehab facility where there is no chance of acquiring or using any drugs. An inpatient facility does not need to resemble a prison but it does need to make it difficult for a person to leave. This is why many inpatient drug rehab centers are situated in remote locations where it is impractical to leave.

Withdrawal from physically addicting drugs may be a very difficult and dangerous experience for an addict. Only a hospital or an inpatient drug rehab center experienced in the physical and psychological problems facing a person in withdraw should be engaged in drug detoxification, the process of assisting and monitoring a person in withdraw. There is medical detox, where drugs may be used to ease the symptoms of withdraw, and natural detox where treatments such as saunas and herbal teas may be employed. Any person who needs drug detox treatment should only consider an inpatient drug rehab facility, never an outpatient facility.

For many addicted individuals, long term drug rehab that is inpatient offers the most effective treatment option. Because inpatient rehab facilities are residential centers providing 24 hour a day, 7 day a week care for at least 30 days at a time, they are more expensive than outpatient addiction treatment and the costs may not be covered by insurance. However, the cost of drug addiction is severe both emotionally and financially and the cost of inpatient drug rehab is not likely to be more than the cost of the drugs and lost wages due to addictions.

Inpatient drug rehab facilities vary in their approaches to treatment. There are 12 and non 12 step programs employing different philosophies and treatment methods. Every addict is different, as are their addictions, so no one inpatient facility is right for everyone. Most inpatient facilities employ the standard approach of determining the reasons for a person' addiction and then teach the addict methods to deals with these causes, such as stress, in a healthier manner.

One of the more popular approaches in inpatient drug rehab is called luxury rehab. These facilities feature many of the services found in five star hotels including gourmet meals, spa services such as massages and herbal wraps, and luxurious settings. Luxury drug rehabs are often set in beachfront or other scenic surroundings chosen for their remoteness and privacy. A person's every need is catered to, except of course, their need to use drugs. These inpatient facilities don't necessarily have a better success rate than any other inpatient drug rehab, they simply cater to individuals who require privacy and can afford to pay for it. They may have a higher success rate simply because the individuals who chose these facilities a afford to remain there until they are completely cured, not just until their insurance runs out.
A person who is in the grip of drug addiction needs treatment, whether or not inpatient drug rehab is a viable option or not. There are numerous ways to finance the cost of inpatient treatment and many facilities offer payment plans. Without treatment, drug addiction is a continuing and progressive problem that typically ends very badly.

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